Go Green and Order an Elegant Home Garden Gift from Ferns n Petals

June 27, 2014

Go Green and Order an Elegant Home Garden Gift From Ferns N Petals

With the much concern over environmental issues that are going to affect us in the near future in terms of increased global temperature, more frequent cyclones and many others, it makes a perfect sense to go green and gift something that can be really appreciable by the receiver. Ferns n petals are the perfect place to order plants that are available under the home garden gifts category in beautiful containers of various types. These plants are priced reasonably and are delivered on time. There is also provision of money back, if Ferns n petals cannot deliver the gift within the stipulated time period.

Reasons of gifting green plants

There are obviously a host of reasons because of which people are now increasingly considering plants as gift items. Some of the reasons are including but not limited to the following ones

Is economical

These are not overprized and can be available at reputed online florist sites like Ferns n petals at as low as 4 $. This means there is no necessity of shelling out extra money to buy some expensive gift item as expressive as a fresh green plant arranged elegantly in a container.

Is everlasting

A gift like a chocolate box or even a beautiful bouquet of flowers will not last forever. A green plant does not go unnoticed ever, since it needs care everyday and the receiver will continue remembering you whenever he or she will water that plant.

Available in many varieties

Ferns n petals offer green plants in a large number of varieties like good luck bamboo plants in two or multiple layers to flowering or a money plant to suit every mood. Fern n petals offer a large number of exotic bonsai plants perfect for indoor decoration and hence apt to gift even as corporate gift items.

Perfect for every occasion

Be it thanks giving day, a mother’s day, a get well soon wish or anything, green plants never fail to convey the right emotions in a subtle manner. Gift an herb plant for a mother’s day or a flowering plant like gerbera for a birthday, a green plant in a cute pot or glass vase will suit every occasion.

Thus, you can never find a genuine excuse of not considering a green plant as a gift item for your loved ones. Fern n petals make sure that its customers can go the eco-friendly way while choosing a gift and hence have a large number of home garden gifts under which they are offering   plenty of different types of plants in exciting arrangements at a modest pricing. To explore more about the possibilities at Fern n petals, visit their website fernandpetals.org.


Get the Choicest of Flower Combos for any Occasion at Ferns and Petals

May 14, 2014

Flowers speak a universal language and are always ideal for any occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.  You can perhaps never go wrong with flowers except if you gift a bunch of bright colorful flowers at a funeral. There are many types of flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, etc. that you can pick to express a myriad of emotions like love, care, happiness, etc. to your dear ones.

Earlier, people used to buy a nice flower arrangement from their local florists on some specific days like birthday, valentine day, etc. Now with an increased access to internet, the same can be ordered from an online florist conveniently and none can be best in its services as the Ferns and Petals with nearly two decades of experience in this domain.

Flowers combos at Ferns and Petals

Based in India, Ferns and Petals not only offer beautiful flower arrangements but offer many exciting flower combos that are now much in demand as it always feel nice to have something extra with a bunch of blooming flowers isn’t it? Whether, the requirement is of fresh fragrant flowers or bright artificial flowers to last long, every kind of flower combo is available under one roof at Ferns and Petals.  The types of flower combos available at Ferns and Petals are the following ones.

Flowers with cake – This combo goes great for a birthday of a loved one and even for an anniversary or any memorable date that you want to celebrate. It is also too perfect for a romantic date or dinner.

Flowers with teddy – Be it to convey get well soon or just to a drop a small note of “sorry” to patch up with your girlfriend, the flower combo does magic to bring a smile on the face.

Flowers with fresh fruits – What can be the most elegant way of showing your care and concern towards a friend or a loved one than gifting him or her, such a nice combo?

Flowers with sweets – Want to have some really “sweet moments” then order this great combo to convey your best wishes on any occasion like diwali, holi, child birth, job promotion, etc. This combo normally offers popular and traditional Indian sweets like kaju katli, motichoor ke laddo, gulab jamun , etc.

Apart from these, the other available flower combos at Ferns and Petals are with dry fruits, chocolates, greeting cards, gift vouchers, etc. If you want to gift something innovative with flowers, then there are also eye-catching flower arrangements in elegant glass vases, baskets, etc.

Ferns and Petals offer flowers combos and a variety of other offerings like delicious cakes and gifts apt for every kind of occasion at reasonable pricing round the clock. You can even schedule your delivery time as per your requirement at http://www.fernsandpetals.org

Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers through Ferns and Petals

May 7, 2014

Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers through Ferns and Petals

Sending flowers to your loved one is perhaps the most effective way of expressing your emotions towards him or her. You can send flowers to almost any person in your life, on any occasion like birthday or anniversary, or even without any occasion. If you are situated at a distant place from your loved one, and you just want to make up for your missed special day, then you can think of sending a bouquet through the online service of Ferns & Petals. Thanks to the Internet, you can order your bouquet through their website (fernsnpetals.com), and send it across right at your beloved’s doorstep.

Sending flowers via Ferns and Petals is not much different from buying at a local florist shop, but there are added benefits. Same quality, freshness, service and timeliness can be achieved, that too at your own convenient time and place. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why sending flowers through Ferns & Petals is so beneficial:

Widest selection: At Ferns & Petals, you can find selection of flowers that you would never find at a local florist. Suppose, you are in UK, and want to send flowers to your loved one in Australia, then you can add a local touch by adding a few kangaroo paws and banksias in the bouquet. You can include flowers from any part of the globe, without any extra charges. A local florist’s display is usually limited, but there are no limits with the online flower store of Ferns & Petals.

Worldwide delivery: Ferns & Petals is an India based florist, but they deliver flowers not only across India, but abroad too, that too without compromising on the quality and freshness of the flowers. You can select the currency you want to pay with, which means that you do not end up losing money due to currency fluctuations.

Timely delivery: You can schedule the delivery of your flowers with Ferns & Petals, and you can be sure that the flowers will be delivered right on the day of occasion. The time of the delivery can also be scheduled, in case you want the birthday girl to wake up with your bouquet at her doorstep in the morning.

Saves time and money: You can log on to their website 24/7, right from the comfort of your own home or office. This means that you are saved from visiting the supermarket or the local florist, browse through the limited options available, and purchase a dull looking bouquet with half mind. When ordering online, just log on to their site, browse through the plethora of options available, and schedule your delivery on your preferred date and time.

Try them. Send a bouquet online through Ferns & Petals this time, and realize the benefits yourself.

Send Online Flowers and Gifts through fernsnpetals

February 8, 2014

Send Online Flowers and Gifts through fernsnpetals.com

Sending a gift is probably the most fantastic way of showing sentiment and thankfulness towards a person, perhaps because receiving a gift involves so many emotions that can’t be explained in words. Whether you want to congratulate someone, show sympathy or recognition to someone, or just want to tell someone that you miss him, you can send your message across by sending flowers and gifts. Fernsnpetals.com is an India based floral store online, that has drastically changed the way we send flowers and gifts to someone.

When you can send online flowers and gifts through fernsnpetals.com

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, New Year, Valentine’s day, or any other day that you want to commemorate, you can bring smile to your loved ones by sending flowers through fernsnpetals.com. Someone has right said that flower is the sweetest thing created by God, but unfortunately, he forgot to give a soul to it. Some of the most loved flowers that can make fine tokens are roses, carnations, asters and orchids. You can browse through a huge variety and species of flowers available at fernsnpetals.com, and order them to be sent to the doorstep of your loved one, no matter in which part of the world he or she is situated at.

Advantages of sending flowers and gifts through fernsnpetals.com

The biggest advantage of sending flowers and gifts online through fernsnpetals.com is that you can send them to the person, no matter wherever you and the person are. You never miss your special someone’s birthday, anniversary or special event, as you can schedule the sending of your gift as per your own convenient place and time. The flowers will reach their doorstep, even if you forget to wish them on the exact date. If you are situated at a distance place, you can surprise them with delivery of your flowers and gifts on their special day.

For around 20 years, fernsnpetals.com has been helping people reach out to one another with marvelous gifts and warm words. Their online floral store features most popular flower arrangements, bouquets, and several other gift ideas, such as soft toys, cakes, chocolates, sweets, plants, dry fruits, photo gifts, gourmet gifts etc. They have a 24/7 customer support service, which means that you can order your flowers and gifts at any time of day or night, as per your own convenience.

Send chocolates and teddy bears online through ferns and petals

January 31, 2014

Receiving flowers, teddy bears and chocolates from a loved one can make anyone’s day so special. If you are situated far away from your loved ones, can you not send gifts to them on their special day? In this fast world dominated by the Internet, you cannot even think about being so helpless. Ferns and Petals is an India based online shop that is dedicated to sending flower, chocolates, teddy bears and other lovely gifts to your loved ones across the globe, no matter where you are situated at. You just need to visit their online store, choose the gift you want to send to your beloved, select the date of delivery, place your order, sit back and relax. Your selected gifts will be sent to your loved one’s doorstep exactly on your scheduled time and date.

What they offer?

As compared to any local offline or online store, you can find a wider variety of gifts on ferns and petals. Not only flowers, they have a huge collection of other gift items too, including teddy bears, chocolates, etc. They make arrangements for personalized gift items too, including coffee mugs, photo frames, photo rocks, cushion covers etc.

Wide network

Ferns and Petals have a huge network of certified florists and gift stores in different locations across the globe. They fill their orders through this network. For example, if you live in USA and you want chocolates and teddy bears to be delivered to India, they will contact their network partner in India, and request them to send the gifts to the address you gave. Thus, with their extensive network, they have a wider reach than any other gift store.

Huge variety to choose from

They are reliable and reputable online flower delivery service, offering a huge variety of flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and other gifts items to choose from. While ordering through their website, you can have access to flowers different parts of the world. You will find different flowers and floral arrangements to match different occasions. Besides flowers, they allow you to send chocolates, candies, teddy bears etc. too along with the flowers.

Customer satisfaction

They are a reputable service provider focused on their customer satisfaction, thus guaranteeing timely delivery. They also offer replacement and money-back guarantee, in case the flowers and other gifts are not fresh or delivered on time.

Ferns and Petals are a reliable online flower delivery service, and have a nice reputation among people. They have good customer reviews from their previous clients, known to offer safe and secure transactions to customers.

For More Information please visit ferns and petals